There are many places that I visited, many places that I would like to visit and of course there are the main 10 destinations on my list, where I would like to go as soon as possible; and when opportunity comes for sure I will take it.

1.     Barcelona, Spain is one place in the world I would like to visit. It has been on my list since forever I can imagine and I had one intent during my college years, but had to give up the flight ticket as I no longer could go. I know just recently there has been a discussion about so many tourists in Barcelona and the fact that the actual people living there, feel like it is no longer a city to live in but a circus and a location to bring money to the authorities, and do not find this a solution on the long run. They see that the bakeries have been replaces with souvenirs shops etc. I can see where they come from and their point of view, but I have no intention of taking advantage of their city, I just want to spend couple of days there and enjoy it.

One can visit it any period of the year, but it’s best to visit it during spring time or autumn time. There are many things to do here, you can even enjoy free sightseeing or just delight yourself with the many Barcelona attractions. I would like to visit first and foremost the Camp Nou. Apart from the usual tour I would prefer going to a football match as well. Then I would like to see Sagrada Familia as it is a monument of art; not finished yet, but even though it looks wonderful. Casa Battlo and Palau Guell and Park Guell are other famous attractions that are a must while here. Anyhow, here there is art all around so it would be difficult leaving Barcelona with very few impressions left. For a free attraction, you can always go through La Rambla, that stretches   between Columbus Monument to Plaça Catalunya, between the Raval and the Barri Gòtic; and then climb Montjiuc.

2.      Another place for me to visit would be Russia. As it is full of history and controversies, I would like to get closer and understand the views from those years. There I would like to visit the Orthodox Cathedral - Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. It is impressive both in view and in history. There are various cathedrals here and it is important to know that Russians have always valued the orthodox belief. Going to a play at the Bolshoi Theatre is a must. You would be surprised how well they cherish this art and how well prepared they are for this. You can even see children’s plays, as there are also these kinds of plays available. For the nature lovers – like I am – there is the Golosov Ravine. It cuts Kolomanskoye Park in two. Lubyanka is an interesting place to satisfy my curiosity. It is the former headquarters of KGB.

3.    Moving to something let us say, higher, it’s Switzerland. This is a country that encompasses all you can want from a healthy lifestyle. You can find a lot of green places here, beautiful nature, valleys - Verzasca Valley in Ticino; mountains - St Moritz; lakes – Lake Fälen, Lake Walen and all the incredible sights that are there to be admired. Some of these are Matterhorn, Lugano and even the small and beautiful city of Appenzell.

4.     Japan is as well on my list. I would like to visit Miyazaki. This would be one luxurious holiday that will offer me great sights, the sense of freedom and like no one can find you, like you are in a far away and not on this planet place. This is how it looks and for sure feels. It is a great feeling to find yourself sailing between those tall rocks on that clear greenish water.

5.     Maldives is a very special place for those that do not necessarily live nearby and do not take this for granted. Spending my holiday in Maldives is just a to do on this lifetime. It is a place where the sands are white, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where you do not have to worry about the weather as the deep rays of the sun engulf you in their arms. Apart from recharging your batteries, here you can as well visit the Islamic Center, The Friday Mosque, the Fish Market. All in all, it is a good place to relax more than you can imagine.

6.     Ofu beach, on the island of Ofu in American Samoa will make you feel like you are the only person in this world. The beauty of it lies in its nature surroundings and as well in the fact that almost never you can find a soul on this island. It has a coral sand that is very nice to feel at the feet and it is for sure for those that look for quiet and peace. You can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling and swimming for as much as you want, and the water is just perfect for this. As those that come here with other desires, may find it boring.

7.     Mount Kilimanjaro is on my list of 10 places to visit this lifetime. The reasons are many, some of which during night time, you can see a clear starry sky; it is the highest mountain in Africa and it is exposed to interesting pop culture. Climbing Kilimanjaro is an opportunity for each adventurous person out there. I know that there is the flexibility to choose any day you want your journey start. Before going on such a journey, I know one must be well prepared not just physically, but mentally as well. The guides that exists have over 95% success rates of guiding people to the mountains top, so one should not be very much afraid of this. This climb will take between 5 to 6 days. There are many websites out there that can prepare one with all the necessary info needed for this climb, and one of them is

8.     For a winter lover, Alaska is of course one of the top 10 places to visit for me. Why visit it? It is a vacation retreat different from any other places in the world. Not even a single day is like the previous one. In its uniqueness, it is magnificent. You can make unforgettable memories here that will remain your forever, you can see glaciers and mountains, mousses and calves, you will meet unique Native cultures from the Russian legacy times. You can enjoy a shopping day without having to pay any sales tax; you can visit the   Native Heritage Center, Anchorage Museum or the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum; another day you can have a boat cruise in the Kenai Fjords National Park; if you like hiking you can take the plane to get to Glacier Bay National Park and go bike hiking or even fish there or just enjoy the whales watch.

9.     Wanaka, New Zealand is a new place on the top 10 list of mine. Here on can get enchanted of the waterfalls, the lakes, the beautiful and white winters. Here the mountains just make you feel small, and the fresh air invades your nostrils. You can even find places here that will give you the feeling like you are at the edge of the world. You can admire a clear starry sky and enjoy warm white winters.

10.  Getting to something warmer, I would very much like a longer holiday to Hawaii. I know it may sound like a cliché but it a place where I would like to go and spend some unique days.  Apart from the blue oceans, sparkling beaches, flowing waterfalls, natural gardens, it is the people there that make this place what it is. It is the quiet and peaceful life they lead, how they are used with nature gives them, how they are in peace with nature; this is the feeling that will make you rediscover yourself.