There are many places that I visited, many places that I would like to visit and of course there are the main 10 destinations on my list, where I would like to go as soon as possible; and when opportunity comes for sure I will take it.

1.     Barcelona, Spain is one place in the world I would like to visit. It has been on my list since forever I can imagine and I had one intent during my college years, but had to give up the flight ticket as I no longer could go. I know just recently there has been a discussion about so many tourists in Barcelona and the fact that the actual people living there, feel like it is no longer a city to live in but a circus and a location to bring money to the authorities, and do not find this a solution on the long run. They see that the bakeries have been replaces with souvenirs shops etc. I can see where they come from and their point of view, but I have no intention of taking advantage of their city, I just want to spend couple of days there and enjoy it.

One can visit it any period of the year, but it’s best to visit it during spring time or autumn time. There are many things to do here, you can even enjoy free sightseeing or just delight yourself with the many Barcelona attractions. I would like to visit first and foremost the Camp Nou. Apart from the usual tour I would prefer going to a football match as well. Then I would like to see Sagrada Familia as it is a monument of art; not finished yet, but even though it looks wonderful. Casa Battlo and Palau Guell and Park Guell are other famous attractions that are a must while here. Anyhow, here there is art all around so it would be difficult leaving Barcelona with very few impressions left. For a free attraction, you can always go through La Rambla, that stretches   between Columbus Monument to Plaça Catalunya, between the Raval and the Barri Gòtic; and then climb Montjiuc.

2.      Another place for me to visit would be Russia. As it is full of history and controversies, I would like to get closer and understand the views from those years. There I would like to visit the Orthodox Cathedral - Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. It is impressive both in view and in history. There are various cathedrals here and it is important to know that Russians have always valued the orthodox belief. Going to a play at the Bolshoi Theatre is a must. You would be surprised how well they cherish this art and how well prepared they are for this. You can even see children’s plays, as there are also these kinds of plays available. For the nature lovers – like I am – there is the Golosov Ravine. It cuts Kolomanskoye Park in two. Lubyanka is an interesting place to satisfy my curiosity. It is the former headquarters of KGB.

3.    Moving to something let us say, higher, it’s Switzerland. This is a country that encompasses all you can want from a healthy lifestyle. You can find a lot of green places here, beautiful nature, valleys - Verzasca Valley in Ticino; mountains - St Moritz; lakes – Lake Fälen, Lake Walen and all the incredible sights that are there to be admired. Some of these are Matterhorn, Lugano and even the small and beautiful city of Appenzell.

4.     Japan is as well on my list. I would like to visit Miyazaki. This would be one luxurious holiday that will offer me great sights, the sense of freedom and like no one can find you, like you are in a far away and not on this planet place. This is how it looks and for sure feels. It is a great feeling to find yourself sailing between those tall rocks on that clear greenish water.

5.     Maldives is a very special place for those that do not necessarily live nearby and do not take this for granted. Spending my holiday in Maldives is just a to do on this lifetime. It is a place where the sands are white, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where you do not have to worry about the weather as the deep rays of the sun engulf you in their arms. Apart from recharging your batteries, here you can as well visit the Islamic Center, The Friday Mosque, the Fish Market. All in all, it is a good place to relax more than you can imagine.

6.     Ofu beach, on the island of Ofu in American Samoa will make you feel like you are the only person in this world. The beauty of it lies in its nature surroundings and as well in the fact that almost never you can find a soul on this island. It has a coral sand that is very nice to feel at the feet and it is for sure for those that look for quiet and peace. You can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling and swimming for as much as you want, and the water is just perfect for this. As those that come here with other desires, may find it boring.

7.     Mount Kilimanjaro is on my list of 10 places to visit this lifetime. The reasons are many, some of which during night time, you can see a clear starry sky; it is the highest mountain in Africa and it is exposed to interesting pop culture. Climbing Kilimanjaro is an opportunity for each adventurous person out there. I know that there is the flexibility to choose any day you want your journey start. Before going on such a journey, I know one must be well prepared not just physically, but mentally as well. The guides that exists have over 95% success rates of guiding people to the mountains top, so one should not be very much afraid of this. This climb will take between 5 to 6 days. There are many websites out there that can prepare one with all the necessary info needed for this climb, and one of them is

8.     For a winter lover, Alaska is of course one of the top 10 places to visit for me. Why visit it? It is a vacation retreat different from any other places in the world. Not even a single day is like the previous one. In its uniqueness, it is magnificent. You can make unforgettable memories here that will remain your forever, you can see glaciers and mountains, mousses and calves, you will meet unique Native cultures from the Russian legacy times. You can enjoy a shopping day without having to pay any sales tax; you can visit the   Native Heritage Center, Anchorage Museum or the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum; another day you can have a boat cruise in the Kenai Fjords National Park; if you like hiking you can take the plane to get to Glacier Bay National Park and go bike hiking or even fish there or just enjoy the whales watch.

9.     Wanaka, New Zealand is a new place on the top 10 list of mine. Here on can get enchanted of the waterfalls, the lakes, the beautiful and white winters. Here the mountains just make you feel small, and the fresh air invades your nostrils. You can even find places here that will give you the feeling like you are at the edge of the world. You can admire a clear starry sky and enjoy warm white winters.

10.  Getting to something warmer, I would very much like a longer holiday to Hawaii. I know it may sound like a cliché but it a place where I would like to go and spend some unique days.  Apart from the blue oceans, sparkling beaches, flowing waterfalls, natural gardens, it is the people there that make this place what it is. It is the quiet and peaceful life they lead, how they are used with nature gives them, how they are in peace with nature; this is the feeling that will make you rediscover yourself.

Getting old is part of the life process and with some luck, we all will get there at some point, sooner or later.

If in the past people did not have all the possibilities of achieving their dreams and all the means, nowadays, we have evolved so much, the possibilities are immense and we can all enjoy the earlier to mid years of our life. Then when getting old you can look in retrospect and see that apart from working hard you have enjoyed life and have done all things that you wanted and dreamed of.

Anyhow, even though one can also go visiting, relaxing, spa while older, there are some things that one cannot do in those years and it is far better to do them during your younger years. Like any other human being there certainly are some things I would like to do before I am old.

1) Spend a one week holiday in an igloo

When you love winter, spending your holiday in an igloo might seem a very nice thing to do. There are different locations one can put into practice this

One of the best place to spend the holiday in an igloo is of course located in Finland. Therefore, one trip to Finland is a must if you want to have various possibilities to choose from. At the Kakslauttanen Arctic resort in Finland one can enjoy the excitement a glass igloo lets you feel while there. These are available starting late August to beginning of April, but I believe the best time to do this is during winter time as you also have the feeling of coziness and the special feeling winter gives you.

2) Hiking at St Mary's Glacier in Colorado

I love hiking and everything related to it, to the hills and to the mountains and most of all to snow.  This is a place where you can get a glimpse of snow all year round.

Where it is located? It is located near Denver and a pros for this hike is that it is actually quite short – 2.60mi, you can get to the bottom of it by car as it also has a parking space available where you can park your car, here is no preferable season – as you can choose whatever season you want as it is beautiful all year round. The parking space will cost just $5, which is not that much.

There are also some cons – in the idea that the path is rather rocky and you must have good shoes to be able to walk properly and not feel every rock at every step you take.

Apart from the summer hike enjoyment, you can also take it during winter time, as it is not dangerous and will offer you beautiful views – the lake nearby – Saint Mary’s lake, James Peak and Mount Bancroft. We got permission to publish a photo from the Fun Colorado Hikes website where you can find some more great photos of St Mary's Glacier

3) Spend Christmas in a mountain lodge with fireplace near Santa’s home

As I am a winter lover with all that it means, I have always dreamed of visiting Santa’s Village at the North Pole. This must be combined with at least two weeks’ holiday stay at a mountain lodge that has a fireplace. It would be perfect if it is located near Santa’s Village and shop.

I believe that this experience should be one that each person should have no matter the age. We are all curious about Santa, how he lives there, what he does, how he prepares for Christmas all year long, how he delivers the presents, how Ms. Claus helps him, how are the elves and enjoy the snow all around and the joy it brings.

One should think booking in advance the visit as for sure Santa works and needs to have a well-planned schedule to be able to make and then deliver all the needing presents.

4) Become a known fashion designer

I am a fashion lover. It runs in the family, as my grandma used to create clothing for everyone who wanted something unique. She could do any model from any magazine or you just told her what you wanted and she would give you the final product. When I wanted to learn what to do, how to use the sewing machine etc she said it is either you are born with it or not. Therefore, I stayed a lot near her, I learned to use the sewing machine and all kinds of secrets on how to take care of it, I learned to create patterns, cut the fabric and kind of all the things one needs to know before getting into this business.

Anyhow, as I moved in a big city, went to college, got employed and got experience in another area, I did not have time for my dream anymore. However, I still do this in my free time. I start and design different dress models, skirts and for now I go to someone to make me those - as I do not have much time to make it. I do make a dress or two per year when I have a bigger holiday and I have some days left spare.

I like designer clothes, but what I like is being unique. Therefore, I feel the most beautiful when I wear what I designed and no one else has. The type of fabric I chose to be used, the color I chose, everything.

This is one of my dreams till I get old. Invent a new fashion. I have gathered all my drawings and ideas so far and in time I will set them free to the world to see and choose from. Currently, every time I wear something I designed people ask me where I bought it from, so the future does look good and believe that in five years’ time I will be able to create my own fashion and brand.

5) Ride a camel

I have been to the zoo; I have seen camels but I have never either touched one or ridden one.
What I dream to do and hope to do is to ride a camel, come without saying that I will as well touch it. This would be nice to do while in the desert in their natural habitat. For this I, must prepare for the hot weather expecting me there.

What I heard is that Morocco was and remains the nicest place for a camel riding. You can opt for one of the tours lasting from 2 days’ p to 2 weeks. Here, the beautiful Sahara. This is a location everyone heard of and some even want to explore it. This is a place where one will see the tangerine dunes and can see the clear sky and the full moon and enjoy them as one camps overnight. You just start feeling little between the big and tall dunes and the vast desert.

Kenya is as well a beautiful place and known for its camel riding tours. What is interesting here is that you can see a different range of wild life and you will constantly be surrounded by all sorts of wildlife noises.  This is an experience recommended for those that have a stable heart and do not get scared easily.

Australia is another place where you can enjoy camel riding. It is interesting as in some places there are to paths to follow, the camels just walk through the rivers, lake, plains and desert.

6) Get on Everest – although not exactly climb!

As I am very keen on winter and I love snow, I love mountains and everything related to them, climbing the tallest point on earth is an aim that I want to accomplish. However, as I do not have so much physical strength and exercise, I believe it would be far easier for me to not actually climb it, but to get to the top of it with some help. What is important here, is to be on the Everest and touch it. Anyhow, one cannot get here but with climbing, therefore, let us just look at some options of climbing Everest.

The price for a standard climbing ranges between $28,000 and $85,000, while a fully custom climb will cost over $115,000. You are right thinking that this is more than a standard car, but this is also the reason for which you do this once in a lifetime. This amount has all sorts of things included, basically everything you may need there - travel, permits and insurance, supplies and gear and guides.

This is no joke, as to be fully prepared for this climb you must have a very good immunity system, resistance and a strong psychic. You can start your Everest experience by entering this 3D view site. Here you will get to see the trail and where you will be going through.

7) Turn back time

We all live without thinking that every action we take affects us short term or long term. This is how at some point we just want to turn back time and make other choices. This is what I would like to do before I get old. Turn back time at least one time, to get to be young or even little again and live one more time, but at the same time I would like to remember what I did so far, in order not to repeat the same “choices” or “mistakes” again.  It would be interesting if we could have this possibility and do this at least once in a lifetime.

8) Spy

Spying is an exciting job if you are a very curious person. You can opt for entering a detective office and offer your services or just do this for fun, but with a clear scope in the end. It is exciting to spy some people that might have important secrets to hide. All the on and off game, all the following game, the getting to know that person like you are him is very exciting. This is the exciting part not the conclusion and the findings.

Some good detective agencies you can enroll in are The Sharp detectives one, the Private Detective Agency one and the Private Detective Wilsons one. The last one is the World's leading Detective Agency. No matter where you are located, you can enroll in this private detective office and enjoy for some months or so the private detective job. You will be given all needing things for a professional detective job.

9) Naked Skydiving

Skydiving relates a lot to the courage a person has. Therefore, one must love heights and not be afraid of watching the world from the top. Moreover, I would love doing naked skydiving. I imagine it will give you a feeling of freedom that nothing else gives you. For this I, would at first should have the courage to do the actual skydiving. Anyhow, thinking that I already have this courage I will just give you some hints on where you can do this and how you can do this.

Depending on your location and if you want to skydive in a resort area or mountain area, you can choose to skydive in Hawaii – here there are bigger possibilities to actually go naked. as the weather allows it; in Milwaukee there is a Sky Nights Sports Parachute Club where you can go and they will give you all the needing things for your naked skydiving All over the USA there are also some centers that will grant you the possibility to do this in a safe manner. Actually there are plenty of locations for you to skydive naked around the world.

What is important for you to know is that you should be in a location that gives you all the proper things to practice this sport and tells you all the risk that a naked skydiving implies. Find out more about naked skydiving here.

10) Visit Joshua Tree National Park and sleep under the stars

This Park is located where two deserts meet – it is the Mojave and the Colorado ecosystems that will offer their beauty to you. At 3000 feet, you can find the Colorado Desert while a little higher and therefore cooler is the Mojave Desert. The actual location is in the southern part of California.

What is good about this location is that it is a family friendly one and it offers you excellent road to climb. Anyhow, the challenging part remains the heat that become unbearable in some of the months of the year and after some distance you just want to lie down and rest and hydrate yourself, and as well the lack of water in the less inhabited areas.

Anyhow, once you get here you can see there are many activities for you and your family to do; there are even little camps and you can sleep under the stars in the park. You can ride, hike, mountain bike, climb, camp, and stargaze and take even your pet with you, in some of the areas. What is more interesting here is the fact that from a geological point of view you feel like you are on another planet. There are a lot of rock piles formations formed by the wind and by the water, that look like nothing you have ever seen.

There are various trails that you can follow if you want to hike – but you must be well equipped with enough water on you if you choose to take those trails. You can choose from more than 10 trails.

For camping, it has nine campgrounds to choose from. Anyhow, you should reserve some good months in advance and know you must be well prepared with lots of water on you if you want to stay there for various days.

The spring and the fall seasons are the best to come here while during the months of July and August you should expect at very high temperatures and of a high degree of wet.

11) Go through the Mesquite flat sand dunes

This is another place I would like to visit before I get old. The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes is also located in California and it offers great views for the hiking lovers. It is in the Death Valley but are the most accessible ones here. The other dunes in Death Valley are either too hard to get too or too dangerous.

There is not an actual trail that you can follow but you can just make one of your own, create it in in your mind and envision it. The depth of the sand here is 130–140 feet, which is rather small compared to other places in the Death Valley. This is the driest place on Earth, nevertheless it has almost 400 animal species living here, such as amphibians, butterflies, reptiles, mammals etc. Again, make sure to take with you while deciding for a hike, a lot of water and sunscreen; otherwise you will get a lot of sunburns. You can find more info if you are interested in visiting this place by accessing the official page.

12) Adventure in the Bryce Canyon National Park

Still staying in the same country, I would very much like to visit the Bryce Canyon National Park before I get old. It is a thing I would like to do as there are memories you can feed yourself with while in the old years of your lifetime.

From here one can see beautiful views of the Bryce Canyon and the Silent City. During summer time, it is a very crowded place, therefore, one would better visit it during fall and winter periods. Here you can even experience moonlit hikes, during the full moon time. However, you must be well equipped for this, as hiking boots, flashlights, lots of water and have on you a jacket, as at the night, the temperature can get rather cold. You can do this during spring, summer and fall. Winter is not a season when you can do this moon walk. Here you can also enjoy the Milky Way Galaxy during the annual Astronomy Festival. This is held each year between 21 – 24 June.

Once decided to go here you must visit the Twin Bridges Trails, the Snowy Hoods that are wonderful during winter time and the sun rise or set in the park.