I've been reading some self help books

And doing some thinking... This is only my second post here on the website, but I was thinking that one day I might earn some money doing this kind of thing. I will keep researching, and post every now and then about what I've learnt. Here's some of what I've realised so far:

We only have 24 hours is a day. Most of this time is committed to sleep (8hrs), work/study (8hrs), eating (2hrs), travel(2hrs), getting dressed and personal grooming (0-4hrs). This leaves very little time per day for a social life, hobbies, and self development.

If you can cram in a few trips to the gym, an active social life and some gardening for your dear Gran... You are doing well. 

The only problem is, how can you achieve your dreams when there is no time left? In fact ‘the experts’ now say that the average person spends a few hours a day watching TV. Other experts say the same about social media...

One solution is multi-tasking... But now ‘the experts’ tell us that multi-tasking it a myth, we need focus to get good results. Besides, sitting on the couch watching reality TV, eating delivery junk food, while watching cat videos on Facebook isn’t really multi-tasking! No genius points for that!

So, how can we get ahead in life? How do we find time to make a better life for ourselves, and win friends and respect?

With your new hobby of course!

Your new hobby involves creating a blog or a social media page. You create it about a topic that you are interested in anyway. The only difference is that you will be a producer, not a consumer. What do you watch on TV? What are your favourite posts on social media about? What are you good at? What do you enjoy? 

There you go... Something just popped into your head didn’t it? Write it down...

Did you write it down? OK, now think of a way of creating or even curating content on this topic. Start your blog or fan page, get started and spend some of the time that you have been using for consuming, but be a producer instead. Build an audience of like minded people, feel the buzz of people enjoying what YOU have to offer, not the other way round. 

Once you have an audience, you can think of something to sell them. Even topics that don’t seem commercially viable right now, will show you a way to make money later on. Just having that audience is the key. Did you know that you can even charge money to tweet or share other peoples stuff if your audience is big enough? 

Start with your passion, something that you are spending time on anyway, and become a producer. One day you might have a whole company built on what started as a hobby. Most people who try to make money online do it the other way round. They try to find something to sell, but cant get the audience. 

Be smart, follow your passion and one day you could be living your dream life. This can start with almost the same schedule as you have now. Within the same 24hrs per day as Billionaires have...

Do I have guru potential? Ha ha maybe not just yet...