We live in a world that moves fast and we seem to have no free time for ourselves. Therefore, when weekend comes, we do not know which hobby we love to do first. The important thing for this is to know what we want from that weekend and do what relaxes us more after a long hard working week. 

We work long hours and a relaxing weekend seems the right medicine for recharging the batteries for a new week. We need to feed our minds, souls and bodies. For this I always like to combine the three and do some of the hobbies during the weekend that can feed all the three above. 

1.  One of the main hobby I have is long strolls in nature, in remote parts of the nature. I hop into the car and drive to the nearest forest near the house. Well-equipped I stop at the beginning of the forest and get out of the car to start my walking tour and breathing fresh air. Walking stimulates the brain to be more creative and put all the ideas in the right order. It is without having a certain aim that I do get to put my brain in motion without even trying. As Raymond Inmon said “If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.”

 A study also shows that women that walk for at least 7 hours a week lower their chance of developing breast cancer. I do not actually do it for this, (while it is a good incentive) my main reason is that it gives me a sense of security and it just lets me enjoy nature, boosts my mood; sometimes I do not even have to wait for the weekend to enjoy my walking minutes, as I do it at least 10 minutes daily. What I do during the weekends, is just changing the environment from the city walking to forest along walking. 

2. Taking fresh breaths of air early in the winter mornings is another hobby of mine. I love winter and just thinking that is getting nearer boosts my mood and changes my spirit. Nothing compares to that feeling like opening the balcony door in the early mornings to breath the freezing air of winter. It is healthy and it just gives you thrills instantly. Winter is nearby this year for me so my mood has just begun changing. It Is the time of the year when I am most active and I feel most alive.

3. You would not be here if I would not love writing. So, this is the next in line as a hobby of mine. I like thinking I can influence people and put my thoughts and my soul in writing. Writing is another hobby and I enjoy it as it just comes naturally. It is about sharing my experience, my thoughts, my soul with other people online that gives me that feeling of completion and of closeness. For sure we all learn both from our experience and from the experiences of others. 

So, my dear colleagues of writing, let us share our thoughts and our experiences if we can and as long as it is something we do from the heart. 

4. It comes without saying that along with writing I like reading. Reading as a hobby can be done anywhere I feel like it. The new technology allows me to read books online as well as physical ones. Even though I enjoy more reading the actual physical books, of course there are a lot of books that there is no use to buy as there is no space in the house for a big library. 

I can never run out of books to read. My brain needs feeding and reading and learning new things will just be a plus to the knowledge and the topics I can speak with my friends. 

Reading develops your imagination as well. It puts me in different situations and places and allows me to visualize the words.

When travelling the world, I can enjoy a book while being in the train, the plane, the car. It is my way of making good use of time and getting the best out of it. 

Autumn and spring are rather deep seasons and one can easily enter in a depression. While we do not like this and we fight this, reading a good book, a good story, a comic one, an action one, can boost our moods and surpass this feeling of depression.

Moreover, it has become a less expensive hobby, as more and more books can be found either online, on book readers, on different smartphone apps or even at the borrowing department of my nearest library. If we are here, I want to say that my favorite book, which I highly recommend, is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. 

5. While all the above is bound to each other, another hobby which is totally from another list, is shopping. I love having a free weekend evening and just deciding to take my card out for a stroll   Few are the days that shopping does not relax me. This apart from the others is an expensive hobby but a rewarding one. 

Some may say that shopping is a bad hobby and it brings no good to ones’ wellbeing.  Anyhow I strongly disagree. We work as much as possible for money and for sure this money should be used in our own advantage. I am not talking about online shopping, but actual physical shopping. This also combines walking  it is true, not in nature, but walking just the same. 

Apart from my wellbeing, if there were not people that use this as a hobby, the economy would suffer, am I right or am I, not right? I am not referring of excessive hopping but from time to time, when season changes for example, it is a nice hobby to have. Having this as a hobby will just cerate you more knowledge about the prices and allow you to make smart choices. 

I know women for which shopping is a great stress release. And there really are many. But I do not think it should be about stress release, but about rewarding yourself after a month’s work and as well spending quality time with your BFFs. 

What are your top 5 favourite hobbies? Is there anything from above on your top 5 list?